Best Forex Brokers: Different Types of Forex Bonuses

Online Forex Broker Reviews

Let’s talk about different types of forex bonuses. Some bonuses require you to make a deposit to be able to get that bonus on top of your initial investment, while others offers no deposit bonus, means you only have to register and you will get a welcome bonus.

  • Welcome Forex Bonus with Deposit

Welcome Forex bonus on top of your initial deposit  can be enjoyed by beginners. You can start with minimum amount. Some Brokers offers 100% welcome bonus, which means it double your trading money on your  trading account and other give 50% bonus  to welcome you. You need to create an account and make a minimum deposit to avail this. These options are for beginners only and not for regular clients.

  • No Deposit Forex Bonus

The Forex no deposit bonus is also connected to the deposits you make.  On this option, the broker allows you not to make any deposit, not risk your own money , but instead gives you a welcome bonus that you can use on your first trade.

Although the Forex no deposit bonus is presented to be the best Forex bonus type ever. Which is  of course completely  understandable  because  you are not  investing anything, but you can still trade and possibly wins.

And if you do not win, you  are actually not losing anything because it is a bonus with no deposit and you do not owe anything to the broker.

However, keep in mind that if you win, you will get the reward, but some brokers may require you to meet a certain trading volume before you can withdraw your profit.  Which means, you have to make a deposit to continue and meet that trading volume.

Occasionally there are  brokers  who will even permit you to withdraw the bonus amount  but there will be certain setup for that, the most common is that you need to trade specific amount of lots before being eligible to withdraw that bonus.

So, in my opinion, it is more logical to go for the one with 100%  or 50% welcome bonus, which can double your trading money.

  • VIP Forex Bonuses and Bonuses for Regular Clients

For you to avail of the VIP bonuses, you need to create a VIP account. Remember that  VIP bonuses are really rewarding and profitable. So consider this before signing up, if you want to avail of the VIP promotion.

And if you are a regular client and an old trader of the company, you can receive a  bonus with some of its special programs for dedicated clients. However, you need to stay and have to be with the company for  some time to claim that bonus.Your experience on the company is the main reason for you to be given a Forex bonus.

  • Pending Forex Bonus

This Forex bonus is not really the best choice, compared to the other bonus types and it is less beneficial. As a whole, instant promotions still are the best options, for the reason that they are easier to be attained

The sure thing about this pending bonus is that you cannot use it once you get it on your account. It stays pending and usable till you do a specific move on the website.

Other brokers add pending bonuses for new customers, who need to make several trades at first and then to receive a bonus.

  • Reload Forex Bonus

This type of Bonus could be called as a best Forex bonus for serious high clients on the market, who deposit and trade practically all the time!

The Forex reload bonus is intended and made for regular clients. You need to an old existing client or at least a recent client on the Forex platform.

With this kind of  bonus,  the broker actually gives you an opportunity to deposit one more time in exchange for a new and another bonus type.

Generally, the Forex reload bonus is an on the spot bonus and you should not make anything in advance or wait for it. 

  • Forex Cashback Promotion

This one has also become well known in the recent years, by using Cashback rebate bonus, You will get paid for your trading activity, in spite of your losses or winnings in your trades, you will still be getting paid for every trade. Just take it as an additional income while trading in your account.

Brokers are giving bonuses because they want to make your trading experience even better. In most cases without any specific terms or conditions by the broker, these bonuses can all be beneficial to you.

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