AXITrader Global FX Traders Including US


AXITrader is an Australian based company that has been in the business since 2001. It is the trading wing of AXICorp Financial Services Pty Ltd.

They had ventured into the Forex Market by offering a extensive range of FX brokerage services since 2008 and have lately been awarded several accolades, together with the award for the most trusted brokers in Australia. AXITrader is one of the biggest Forex brokers in Australia and is among the fastest developing companies in many parts of the world, including US, UK, and Europe.

US Trader Accounts & AXITrader Regulation

AXITrader admits US traders, which is very progressive for the company. This broker is one of the very few that operate in the US, along with EU and Australia.

However, the company offers its services as an Introducing Broker under the AXITrader white label platform and is not  a mature entity.

An Introducing Broker IB can avoid several regulatory rules that are usually reserved for mainstream Forex brokers, which helps the company to build up its base in the US. However, as far as NFA and CFTC regulations are concerned, AXITrader should follow to all regulatory protocols to guarantee that the traders receive honest and transparent brokerage services.
Since AXICorp is located in Australia with its headquarters in Sydney, AXITrader regulation is carried out by the ASIC. AXITrader has also arranged a representative office in the UK and is regulated by the FCA also. Therefore, AXITrader can be measured as a trusted and reliable broker that pleases most of the modern day traders’ requirements.

Minimum Deposit & AXITrader Account Types

The company allows you to create a live account without any minimum deposit. However, opening an account without an initial deposit doesn’t work for the purpose of trading. For that reason, the outright minimum that traders can deposit into the broker is $200.

The $200 is not a big amount of money, and the broker does not support smaller deposits that most other companies offer, and this can be a disadvantage for ultra small traders. Nevertheless, the $200 initial deposit permits clients to open an MT4 standard account, which is really a market maker model.

Efficiency Of AXITrader Platforms & Promotions

AXITrader offers the MT4 platform as the standard interface for Forex and commodities trading. The MT4 platform is really popular and extremely trusted, which makes it easy for AXITrader clients to enjoy a simple trading software for all trading needs.

AXITrader is an excellently regulated broker that offers high-quality FX brokerage services by actively treating in the best practices in Forex trading.

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