Atom8: Traders With A Large Investment Capital


Atom8 is the idea of an ex-JP Morgan lawyer who founded the company in 2013 with the purpose of offering a simplified and transparent brokerage service that follows to all the ethical standards of modern day trading.

Atom8 is a London-based Forex broker that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). FCA is well-known for its strict regulatory rules and specifies several protocols that assist traders to stay safe from broker manipulation or financial malpractices. FCA regulation requires all brokers to hold at least $1 million in capital and be audited at least once in every six months.

Atom8 is a Forex broker that only offers to traders with a large trading capital. Traders who are looking forward to entering the FX market with small amount will be deeply saddened by that truth.

Atom8 Platform

Traders can select from  several Atom8 trading platforms that include:

  • MT4
  • Atom8 Trader
  • Atom8 Trader Pro
  • Atom8 Web Trader
  • Atom8 Android App
  • Atom8 iOS App

The Atom 8 Trader and Atom8 Trader Pro versions are the same to each other in most features, in addition to the fact that the Atom 8 Trader platform is used for manual trading, although the Atom8 Trader Pro platform is used for automated or algo trading.

A Web Trader is offered for clients who don’t have access to a computer, and for those who wish to trade the markets on the move, as well.

Furthermore, Atom8 mobile trading platforms like the iOS and Android Atom8 apps are intended purely for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

All FCA member companies should have their financial dealings verified by an approved 3rd party auditor, and brokers should also have appropriate records of all client financial transactions.

Atom8 Trading Accounts

Atom8 only offers two different kinds of trading accounts that are based on the ECN platform. There are no major differences between the two ECN accounts, and the main difference being limited to the commission associated with trading.

The Commission-Free account acquires a higher spread, while a Raw Spreads + Commission account offers ultra-tight spreads at the cost of paying a commission per trade.

The two accounts have access to all the 52 currency pairs, commodities, and precious metals, and can be opened as either an FX account or a spread betting account.

A spread betting account is only available to citizens of UK and Ireland.

The smallest initial deposit to start an account is £5,000, which is measured to be a large amount for an FX brokerage. Certainly, the broker validates its higher rate of entry by offering world class brokerage services for all types of traders without any difference, However,  it is certainly a shortcoming for retail traders who have less money as their trading investment.

Atom8 Liquidity Providers, Spreads, & Leverage

Atom8 spreads are highly competitive, as the broker links a trader to 20 different liquidity providers to match the best quotes offered in the market. The spreads begins from 0.6 pips for the Commission-Free accounts, whereas the average spreads drop down to 0.25 for the Raw Spreads + Commission account.

This broker has been constantly offering lower spreads, which is certainly ideal for traders in reducing their cost of their trading. They also have manageable commissions, as the broker charges £1.5 per £100,000.

Another good thing about Atom8 is the way they treat traders with equal status and greatest respect, whether it is an institutional trader or an average retail trader.

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